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Installers of composite steel and metal floor decking


Composite metal decking flooring makes rapid construction sense

PMR Fixers exploit the very latest technology to provide composite structural metal floor decking and concrete solutions. We offer a range of profiled composite steel deck floor, composite and suspended floor services. With over 20 years of experience and expertise installing composite metal decking and composite steel flooring we are confident in supplying metal deck solutions and packages which meet the highest standards.

If you would like more information or a cost estimate, please contact or call 01335 347629. Our experienced composite metal deck flooring estimating team will provide a tailored and cost effective package aligned to project and budget requirements.

Client demands for rapid construction have made composite metal deck flooring an economic and widely accepted choice for multi-story buildings, offering clear advantages over traditional options.

In this modern method of construction, steel beams support a structural floor made of profiled steel sheeting covered in a layer of concrete. The materials work efficiently together according to their inherent strengths: the steel deck resisting tensile loads and the concrete resisting compression.

The bending strength of the flooring is increased still further by the use of shear studs which form a bond between the two layers at regular intervals. The floor’s overall strength-to-weight ratio is higher than non-composite beams, resulting in material and construction cost savings as well as a reduction in the overall depth of the flooring.

Composite metal decking floors can be erected very quickly on site. The low-weight steel profiling is lifted quickly and easily into position – even at height - and can be adapted to fit difficult shapes if required. Once in position it provides a safe working platform and acts as permanent shuttering which does not need extensive reinforcement or temporary propping during construction. It also helps to resist horizontal wind forces during construction and lateral loads once completed.

The concrete is poured by pump, and lightweight concrete can be used to reduce loads still further. Excellent fire resistance is achieved and may be increased with slab depth and extra surface protection if required.

Metal floor decking can be erected in poor weather and, once finished, the steelwork provides an attractive appearance if left exposed. Metal decks are available in various depths and profiles to meet a broad range of specifications and designs. And since steel is produced efficiently and can be recycled relatively easily, composite metal deck flooring is a wise environmental choice.

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