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Composite Steel Decking ComFlor range Manufactured by Tata Steel.


ComFlor Composite metal decking products from Tata Steels

PMR Fixers carry a full range of composite metal decking products manufactured by Tata Steel, including a full range of the ComFlor products. 

Comflor is a profiled steel deck specifically designed for rapid installation of flooring and to facilitate lightweight building with long clear spans. 

Large areas of ComFlor can be easily craned into position and in excess of 400m2 laid by one team per day, with minimal mesh or fiber reinforcement and pumped concrete the complete floor can quickly follow.

Shallow composite floor decks.

ComFlor offers the widest randge of shallow decks from ComFlor 46 all the way to ComFlor 100, the Tata Steel range provides the optimum solution for all over-beam applications. Covering unpropped construction from 2.5 to 5.0 meters each ComFlor profile offers particular application benefits. The shallow decks are suitable for the conventional composite construction where the deck is placed onto of the flange of the steel support beam. 

Deep Composite floor decks.

ComFlor 210 and ComFlor 225 are both designed to be used with Tata steel Slimdeck system, which uses asymmetric beams. The floor deck lands on the wider bottom flange of the asymmetric beam. 
With typical unpropped spans of up to 9 meters the deep decks provide a clear open space between beams. The is contained within the beam zone. The shape of the deck profiles allows for service integration and rge whole system provides inherent fire protection. 

Quality assurance. 

To provide the best quality and the most up to date information, Tata Steel is quality assured to BS ISO 9001:2001 quality systems. Tata steel is an active member of MCRMA(Metal cladding and roofing manufacturers association) the SCI (steel construction institute) BCSA ( British Constructional steelworks association) and supports R&D throughout the industry.

PMR Fixers carry a full range of Tata Steel products which can be supplied and fixed on your construction site across the UK and Ireland, with shearstuds welded and concrete supplied to the highest of standards. PMR Fixers can arrange the full design, detail, installations, concrete and commission of the structural floors of all or your construction projects.  

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